Reflowable Version of Stu It Yourself Apple Devices is done. Released to Apple, Amazon & Nook (Barnes & Noble)

I am happy to announce that I have done the work to create a reflowable version of the SIY guide to Apple Devices and have published it live to Apple, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

You can compare the Apple Versions by looking at the Fixed Layout Version if you’d like. I recommend the Fixed Layout version for reading on iPad & Mac but if you’ll also be reading on your phone the Reflowable version has a nicer Table of Contents and lets users change the font family, size, and background color. The reflowable version is the perfect option for Amazon’s Kindle series of eReaders and thanks to Amazon’s apps you can easily see the color version of the book on all your Apple devices as well!

First Stu It Yourself Book Released!

Link for Purchasing:

Apple Books & Apple Books - Fixed Layout Version


Barnes & Noble Nook

After several months of planning, writing, image work and editing the first book in my series Stu It Yourself has been released! It is a Tips & Tricks book for Apple Devices to help people efficiently use their devices to save battery life, storage space, and a bit of their sanity.

I’ve released it to Apple and am awaiting approval from Amazon, unfortunately at this time Google Books isn’t accepting new publishers but I’ve submitted an interest form so we’ll see if or when they get back to me. It can be found in 51 different App Stores across the globe and will be automatically added to any new ones. If it is relatively successful I will translate it over to Spanish myself and pay friends or a company to translate to other languages. It can be found here in the Apple Book Store or searching for Stu It Yourself or Tips & Tricks for Apple will definitely locate the book in your country.

Stu It Yourself - Apple Vol 1. Book Cover

Here is the introduction directly taken from the book:

This guide is for anyone who has ever wanted more out of their Apple devices. For the über efficient like myself who would like to relax with all of the extra time gained by doing things smarter and not harder. For those who say that they would like their phone if only it could do this or that but were unaware they have been able to do exactly that for 5 years. For those who are new to the Apple ecosystem and want to get some advanced skills right off the bat. For those looking to show up their grandkids! For those who want to spend less time on their devices and more time in the real world by “disconnecting to reconnect”.

Everyone learns differently so I have used several methodologies to ensure these things stick but the easiest way for me to guarantee success is to learn by doing. Read the guide front to back or glimpse at the table of contents and find something that sounds awesome. Then go to the page and look at the easy to follow steps and pictures before replicating it on your device! If you feel overwhelmed by all the new things your device is capable of and cannot hold any more knowledge put the guide down and focus on the new things you learned for awhile before coming back. 

The impetus behind this guide is all the friends and family I have helped over the years who asked for help and got it, plus a whole lot more than they bargained for. When I find a well designed and well built product I learn everything I can about it to ensure I am getting the most value out of it possible. I implore others to as well but I understand how busy life is, so try my guides instead and treat them as a resource rather than a one time read.

I have been a software engineer for many years but have mainly specialized in iOS development since iOS 5. I have coded more than 50 applications for myself, clients, employers, and friends. The beauty of apps are their ability to rapidly make expensive hardware defunct, to turn awful User Experiences and Interfaces (UX/UI) into gorgeous fine tuned ones, improving the efficiency of whatever you are attempting to do. In my time as a developer I have learned many tips and tricks, some small, some big. I hope this guide will be a valuable addition to your own limitless internal hard drive aka your brain! For the low purchase price you will gain many days and weeks back on your life but more importantly you will save yourself some of the strife that gadgets can cause these days! I am a digital nomad and hope to keep traveling the world and helping others and I really appreciate all the support and sharing!
        -Stu Parker